The global energy industry has a new hub

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At the Heart of the Global Energy Market

Demand for energy-related goods and services in Saudi Arabia and throughout the region is high and continues to expand. King Salman Energy Park (SPARK) is being developed to capture the full economic value from such demand — localizing value creation through dedicated industrial development, as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

SPARK will become a 21st century ecosystem for the energy sector, a vibrant international industrial community built on excellence and innovation, and at its heart a world-class workforce. It is also expected to contribute more than $6 billion to the Kingdom’s GDP and create up to 100,000 direct and indirect jobs at the maturity stage.

SPARK is attracting industrial investors across five strategic sectors: Upstream, Downstream, Petrochemicals, Power, Water and Wastewater. From their SPARK-based facilities, investors in these sector-related supply chains will fill the massive gap for locally produced goods and gain a lasting competitive advantage.

SPARK will also cultivate and nurture small and medium-sized enterprises, and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the energy sector, significantly contributing to a more diversified economic landscape.

Also under development is a regional Logistics Zone connecting SPARK to the rest of the Kingdom and to neighboring countries through the future GCC railroad. Access to the Logistics Zone will drive efficiency and enhance competitiveness for SPARK tenants, as they address the needs of multiple markets from a single regional investment.

SPARK also offers opportunities for nonindustrial investors. Investment opportunities include residential and commercial real estate, as well as logistics facilities and services, prebuilt factories, warehouses, and other logistics enablers.

SPARK will be operated and anchored by Saudi Aramco. The Company will build its Drilling & Workover Headquarters in SPARK, as well as operate its Procurement & Supply Chain Management Center from this hub.

The project is strategically located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, a region known for its unmatched oil and gas resources. It is expected that the project will be developed over three phases across a 50-square kilometer area.

Development of the first phase is already underway. Interested investors can access the land.

Value Propositions

Key Enablers

A modern logistics zone with Customs, connected to the future GCC railroad, will offer a wide range of services. The Logistics Zone will include an inland dry port, a bonded area, and a logistics park with warehouses and other logistics services. At maturity, the dry port will have a capacity of 8 million metric tons of cargo annually with high levels of automation.

The industrial area is divided into specialized zones that will help the growth of an integrated value chain for energy goods and services.

Residential offering includes apartments, villas, compounds, high-quality educational facilities, hospitality units, a health complex, schools, and recreational facilities. The city will also offer staff accommodation facilities within the designated areas to support industrial requirements. It is estimated that at maturity the total residential offering will reach 15,000 units and 400 hotel rooms.

Saudi Aramco's Drilling & Workover Headquarters, as well as the City Management Administration Center, will anchor the business district. Commercial real estate will be available in the business district with offices, restaurants, and retailers.

Ten specialized training centers will be developed in the Energy Park, to serve the expanding manpower needs of industrial tenants.

Total integration. Zero complication.